This year, Cohasset ASP will travel again to rural Appalachia to help improve the homes of people in that region. We welcome all interested youth currently in grades 9-12 to join us as Teen Participants. Please review the requirements and helpful links below for more information or contact us with any questions you may have.

Registration Process:

1. Register online and pay the $250 registration fee.
2. Complete, sign and return the following ADDITIONAL paper forms:

Volunteer Contract.

Volunteer and Medical Forms. The Volunteer form must be notarized. Most banks have notaries and we will also have a notary at one of our meetings.

3. Ask your Parents to please complete the Parent Form.

4. Opt into our Mailchimp Mailing List and add to your address book. We send regular and important updates to this list.

Teen Commitment

TEEN participants (grade 9-12 in September of the year before the trip) are required to:
Pay $250 non-refundable registration fee
Sell $450 of Stock (Forms and instructions will be provided)
Sell at least 10 items of Kinnealey Meat ($85 fee for non-participation)
Participate in 5 Sunday evening Workshops (most are from 8-9pm)
Volunteer your time for all of the following fundraising events:

Pumpkin Patch Week – October (7 hours)

Village Fair – December  (2 hours)

Road Race – April  (2 hours)

Car Wash- May/June TBA  (2 hours)

Parent Commitment

PARENTS are asked to:
Assist with the Pumpkin Patch, October (details and shift options to follow)
Assist with at least one other fundraiser during the year. Please see registration form to make a selection from:
Village Fair – December
Road Race – April
Car Wash- May/June TBA
Arts Festival – June